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We’d Like to “CU Grow” As a Member!

CU Grow is an ongoing movement dedicated to spreading the word about credit unions and how consumers can get much better products, rates, etc. from a credit union over a large bank. Surprising to most credit unions is that there are a huge number of well educated people who simply have never heard of a [...]

Weighing Out Whether You Should Get an Extended Warranty

We’ve all been in the situation where the sales associate says “can I interest you in an extended warranty?”  The opinion most people seem to have is that it’s a waste of money, until it comes to vehicles.  A buyer has a very important decision to make when it comes to whether they should extend the [...]

Houses houses houses

Today Bobby and I talked to Mary and Denise of the mortgage department.  In the news, I’m sure you’ve heard just a little bit about the mortgage crisis in the United States.
But strangely enough, we aren’t having problems with our mortgages.  At the same time, more auto loans are coming to us, despite no one buying [...]