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We’d Like to “CU Grow” As a Member!

CU Grow is an ongoing movement dedicated to spreading the word about credit unions and how consumers can get much better products, rates, etc. from a credit union over a large bank. Surprising to most credit unions is that there are a huge number of well educated people who simply have never heard of a [...]

Credit Union Swag? Videos? Awesome!

We’re always glad to see financial education blurbs on credit unions.  Sometimes we run across some more…interesting ones.  This video, for instance, is slightly amusing in an “It’s Friday!” sort of way, but the message is clear:

Would rather pick up some cool swag to show your support for the credit union movement? Try
Dollar for dollar, [...]

ShopAmerica – Rewards for Being a Credit Union Member

How would you like to earn cash back on your purchases from stores like Wal-Mart™, Target™, and Best Buy™? You can! Just follow the Shop America link below, select the credit union you belong to, and you will be redirected to the discounts page where you can register an account.  This way, you can even track [...]