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How was 2013?

Did 2013 meet all of your expectations? Did you reach your goals? How about your financial goals…did you meet those?
The end of a year is a great time to reflect and analyze your finances from the past 12 months, and prepare for the upcoming year. If your saving account is where you had hoped it [...]

Managing Your Family Budget

‘Tis the season to be jolly…and to be broke if you’re not managing your family’s finances properly.
Here are some reminders for family budgeting that never get old and can help stretch even the tightest incomes:
It’s All About The Numbers
Too few families will actually sit down with all of their bills, expense lists, and income [...]

You used how many wipes on that diaper change?

If you have or know someone who has kids, you’ve probably heard about or experienced what I like to refer to as a “blow out”. You know, it’s where the #2 sneaks out of the diaper like a ninja and attacks everything in sight. If you’re home, bath time just got moved to now. However, [...]

It Pays to Research the Menu

My wife and I went out to eat over the weekend to one of our favorite restaurants known for their “home cookin”. We weren’t super hungry, but it was one of those days where we didn’t feel like going home to cook, but we wanted to sit down and relax for a bit.
As we looked [...]

What You Take to the Basement

It seems like every time I turn on the news these days, another city has been devastated by another one of mother nature’s wicked storms.  Although my family hasn’t had to experience it first hand, we’ve headed to the basement several times thinking bad weather was near.  Each time, my wife and I gather up [...]

Fun Times with a College Budget!

To all my fellow college friends,
I just wanted to share a few helpful notes on how to form a budget when there is a limited supply of income and still be able to have a good time withoutover drawing your bank account or using a credit card by spending money that you really don’t have!
I [...]

The Coffee Maker Kitchen

What a wonderful invention, the coffee maker.  Not only can it brew delicious dark roasted coffee, it can be used as an entire mini-kitchen!  Many dorms don’t allow toasters or grills, so some creative college students exactly how to cook their food without leaving their room, and proceed to turn on the coffee maker.  Don’t believe me?  [...]

Planning Big for Your Valentine? Not So Fast!

Valentine’s Day can quickly add up to be one of (if not the most) expensive of holidays.  Great lengths are gone to in order to give a valentine a day of luxury, and luxury is expensive, right?  Well not necessarily.  Here are some tips in order to keep your valentine feeling like a VIP in [...]

Raze Your Debt; Raise Your Credit

Perhaps you’re 20, still in college, and nonchalantly giving your credit card information to the pizza place down the street.  Perhaps you’re 30 and starting a tab at the club to look good when you buy her a drink.  Maybe you’re even 55 and never really got your spending habits under control and now are [...]