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Tips for Choosing a College

Your acceptance letters have arrived, and you’re in – congratulations! Now comes the tough part: making your final college selection. Here are a few tips that might help make the decision a little easier:
Leave the Tour: The campus tours are nice, but step away for a bit and take in the sights yourself. Spend some [...]

Park Community Showcases Big Auto Loan Special

For 2 Weeks Only, our rates are as low as 1.98% APR*
A car is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make, and high interest rates can add hundreds of dollars to your total. At Park Community, our rates are some of the lowest around, so save your hard-earned money and get your Auto Loan [...]

Tips For Finding The Right Car

As Spring quickly approaches, one thought enters everyone’s mind…
Let’s get a new car!
Before you bolt out the door and head to the local dealer, let’s look at a few tips that might help you find the perfect car:

Product Alert: Mobile Deposit!

What if you could deposit a check…just by taking a picture of it? It’s a reality at Park Community Credit Union!
Take a look at the commercial for this amazing service, then find out more at Park and check out our mobile banking!

The difference between banks and credit unions and how you can become a member TODAY!

By: Valerie Morency, Lexington Branch
Most people don’t know that there are quite a few differences between credit unions and banks, many of which can be explained simply.  Let’s start by naming a few highlights that separate credit unions from banks—and make them better!  For one, a credit union is owned and controlled by its members, [...]

How was 2013?

Did 2013 meet all of your expectations? Did you reach your goals? How about your financial goals…did you meet those?
The end of a year is a great time to reflect and analyze your finances from the past 12 months, and prepare for the upcoming year. If your saving account is where you had hoped it [...]

Why Bank Online?

In this day of hustle & bustle, we barely have time to spend with our families, let alone run all of the errands of the day, including stopping by the bank to cash checks or make deposits.
Park Community offers a safe, secure and convenient system of online banking that can make your life so much [...]

Tips for Cell Phone Safety for Your Kids

When plans change, practice ends early, or you’re running late, a cell phone is a parent’s best friend — but it will only keep your child safe if you set the right rules and talk about risks. Try these tips for preteen protection, and make sure you set a good example by [...]

Supersize Your Small Bath with These 8 Pro Tips

Just read an article called “Supersize Your Small Bath with These 8 Pro Tips” over at Bob Villa’s website. Some great tips!
We all want to redecorate, and do so much more, with our bathrooms, but many times we’re constricted by space. Bob offers some ideas such as using your corners, going “petite”, and looking at [...]

Fall House Cleaning

Yes, we know…it’s Supposed to be Spring Cleaning. Why in the world are we writing about Fall Cleaning?
Well, the more you prepare your house for the Winter, the less work you may have to do in the Spring! And wouldn’t it be nice to go into the Winter knowing your house is prepped for the [...]