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Product Spotlight: Credit Builder Loans

The Credit Builder loan was designed to help our members establish credit. Borrow up to $1,500 for up to 12 months. Loan proceeds will be deposited into your account for 12 months to build your credit. After those 12 months, you will have access to the money and an improved credit [...]

Combating Credit Card Fraud

Who carries cash anymore? We all use our credit and debit cards for almost everything: grocery shopping, dining out, ordering a pizza, shopping online. We throw the plastic around like it’s an extension of our arms!
And because of the increased use of credit cards, there is now an increased chance of credit card fraud. So [...]

Paying Off Those Christmas Bills

The holiday is over, and life gets back to normal, right? Until you walk to the mailbox, and those Christmas bills start rolling in. Suddenly, the joyous memories of the season are buried under a pile of bills.
What you need is a plan to pay off that debt without driving you crazy, so here’s a [...]

When should you check your credit report?

In the same way that you get physical checkups from your doctor, you should also get financial checkups. And the best way to do that is to check your credit on a regular basis.
Checking your credit once a year is a wise idea, but here are some times when you should really check it:
1) When [...]

Banking on Louisville!

Do you know someone that uses one of those expensive check cashing services? Many of those folks use those services without realizing that there’s an option for them right here at Park Community!
The amount of money that the average person would spend over a lifetime at those alternative financial institutions could add up to $40,000! [...]

Holiday Gifting with Credit

The old story goes “buy now; pay later,” and Americans have fallen for it in the past.  Buying wants along with needs with money they haven’t yet made, we have become a country of debt.  Oh there are debts that are not only reasonable, but healthy for building credit. Low interest debt such as financing a [...]

Delayed Gratification

As the holiday season descends, it’s time for many people to start thinking about presents: presents they’d like to receive and presents they need to buy. One tool that many have used for decades in order to help make paying for holiday presents more manageable is in-store layaway. Layaway — the process of having a [...]

What’s *Your* Debt Ceiling?

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll know that there are a lot of talks about our country’s debt piling high to the point that everyone is getting worried. Now take a look at your own finances. How much in interest are you paying a month?  How much of your paycheck is instantly [...]

Fun Times with a College Budget!

To all my fellow college friends,
I just wanted to share a few helpful notes on how to form a budget when there is a limited supply of income and still be able to have a good time withoutover drawing your bank account or using a credit card by spending money that you really don’t have!
I [...]